“Raise” et “Electric Universe” d’Earth Wind & Fire réédités en CD

Le label Funky Town Grooves rééditera le 24 août deux albums d’Earth Wind & Fire en versions enrichies. Raise (1981) et Electric Universe (1983) seront disponibles en versions CD comprenant de nombreuses versions maxi en bonus (tracklisting ci-dessous).

“Raise” Tracklisting

1. Let’s Groove EWF Raise
2. Lady Sun
3. My Love
4. Evolution Orange
5. Kalimba Tree
6. You Are A Winner
7. I’ve Had Enough
8. Wanna Be With You
9. The Changing Times

Bonus Tracks

10. Wanna Be With You (Single Version)
11. Kalimba Tree (12” Version Long Version)
12. Let’s Groove (Special Remixed Holiday Version)
13. Let’s Groove (Single Version)
14. Let’s Groove (Instrumental)
15. I’ve Had Enough (7” Version)
16. The Changing Times (7” Version)


“Electric Universe” Tracklisting

1. Magnetic EWF Electric
2. Touch
3. Moonwalk
4. Could It Be Right
5. Spirit Of A New World
6. Sweet Sassy Lady
7. We’re Living In Our Own Time
8. Electric Nation

Bonus tracks

9. Magnetic (Extended Dance Remix)
10. Magnetic (Instrumental)
11. Magnetic (7” Version)
12. Touch (7” Version)
13. Sweet Sassy Lady (7” Version)
14. Moonwalk (7” Version)
15. Electric Nation (7” Version)


Thanks François G!



“Juicy Fruit” de Mtume réédité en version Deluxe

Le 28 avril, Juicy Fruit, le classique electro-funk de Mtume sera réédité en CD Deluxe par le label Funky Town Grooves. Parmi les 7 bonus proposés, on trouvera des mixes instrumentaux, des versions longues (tracklisting ci-dessous). Party like it’s 1982 !

(Merci François. G.)



1. Green Light
2. Juicy Fruit
3. Hips
4. Would You Like To (Fool Around)
5. Your Love’s Too Good (To Spread Around)
6. Hip Dip Skippedabeat
7. Ready For Your Love
8. The After 6 Mix (Juicy Fruit Part II)

Bonus tracks

9. Juicy Fruit (Vocal)
10. Juicy Fruit (“Fruity” Instrumental Mix)
11. Would You Like To (Fool Around) (12” Version)
12. Let’s Fool Around (Word) (Sensual Instrumental)
13. Green Light (Vocal Mix)
14. Green Light (Instrumental)
15. Prime Time (12” Version)

James Brown mreal-480x475

“I’m Real” de James Brown réédité en version Deluxe

Sorti en 1988 et produit par la team de DJ’s Full Force, I’m Real, un des derniers albums de choix de James Brown, sera réédité le 16 mars en version 2-CDs Deluxe par le label Funky Town Grooves. Au programme de cette ressortie figurent 10 titres bonus comprenant des remixes et de multiples versions des singles “Static” et “I’m Real”.


Disc: 1
1. Tribute
2. Im Real
3. Static (Part 1 and 2)
4. Time To Get Busy
5. You And Me
6. Interview
7. She Looks All Types A Good
8. Keep Keepin
9. Cant Git Enuff
10. Its Your Money
11. Godfather Running The Joint

Disc: 2
1. Static (Single Version)
2. Static (Full Force Remix)
3. No Static (The 8 Minute Full Force Def Mix)
4. Im Real (Single Version)
5. Im Real (Special Version)
6. Real (Full Force Hyped-Up Mix)
7. Time To Get Busy (Single Version)
8. Time To Get Busy (Full Force Remix)
9. Busy JB (Time To Get Get Mix)
10. Tribute (Special Version)

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