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Publié le 17 novembre 2011 | Par Funk-u


FUNK★U Records presents : Gary & Garry « P-Treasures », feat. Gary Mudbone Cooper and Garry Starchild Shider plus special guests


Take one the main vocalists from Parliament/Funkadelic, and one of the main voices from Bootsy’s Rubberband and put the two together, what do you think you’ll get? A hit concept and a great new superduo : Gary & Garry!

Recorded in Detroit Michigan at the legendary United Sound Studios, July 1982. P Treasures is a rare and never heard before P-Funk nugget, that features raw and funky performances by Gary « Mudbone » Cooper and Garry « Starchild » Shider, as well as assisting guests performances by George Clinton, Eddie Hazel, Mallia « Queen of Funk » Franklin and David Spradley.

« Dance Rockit » and « Satisfied », the two superfunky tracks included in P Treasures, were intended for an album that never saw the light of day due to unforeseen circumstances. For its first ever release, FUNK★U Records is proud to bring to you for the first time this 100% heavy piece of P-Funk, uncut funk, THE BOMB, in a 12’ red vinyl limited to 300 numbered and signed copies by Gary « Mudbone » Cooper.

Gary & Garry P Treasures EP (FUNK★U Records 2011).

Release date : November 14.

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1/”Dance Rockit” (4.43)

Written and Arranged by : Gary “Mudbone” Cooper
Gary “Mudbone” Cooper & Garry “StarChild” Shider – All vocals
Garry Shider- Guitar
David Lee Spradley – Keys, Synths and Drum programming
Additional percussion- Mudbone
Guest performance by – Eddie “Guitarzan” Hazel (RIP) lead and rhythm guitars

2/”Dance Rockit – Instrumental version » (5:03)
Performance by Eddie “Guitarzan” Hazel (Guitars)


1/”Satisfied” (5.24)

Written and Arranged by: Gary “Mudbone” Cooper
Gary “Mudbone” Cooper & Garry “StarChild” Shider- Vocals
Garry Shider – Guitars
David Lee Spradley – Keys, Synths and Drum programming
Additional P background vocals include guest performances by:
George “Dr Funkenstein” Clinton and Mallia “Queen of Funk” Franklin (RIP)

2/”Satisfied” – The FunKumentary » (4:24)
Written, Arranged and Narrated by: Gary “Mudbone” Cooper

Gary & Garry Dance Rockit by FUNK★U
Gary & Garry “Satisfied” by FUNK★U

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